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If any obligee or third party thinks their rights including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent are violated by any or all submitted information, they should submit written notice to this site to ask for deletion of those information or disconnection of the submitted information. The notice should include but not be limited to the following content: name of the obligee or other third party, contact information and address; name and website of the information that is required to be deleted or disconnected; ownership certificate certifying the copyright or other legitimate right of the submitted information that infringes; proof citation for the infringing act of the submitted information. Obligee or other third party shall be responsible for the authenticity of the notice. This site will check the notice according to law and adopt relevant measures immediately after receiving the notice.


Web links

There may be links of other websites on this site. However, BearTwo(Elison) is not responsible for the validity of those web links as well as the information and materials they provide. Providing other web links or quoting third party’s information, product or service doesn’t mean that BearTwo(Elison) approves that website or its content. Please contact with their web masters if you have any question or suggestion about those sites. No link to this site is allowed without asking for permission from BearTwo(Elison) first.



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There may be some mistakes in printing/typesetting or inaccuracy in the content of this site, but BearTwo(Elison) is not responsible for any of these errors or losses caused by these mistakes or by using information provided by this site. You yourself are obliged to judge and distinguish information and content provided by this site. BearTwo(Elison) will make changes on information and content in this site on an irregular basis without giving notice in advance or afterwards. However, local laws may have mandatory provision on limitation of liability and exemption from liability, under which circumstance, the local law is the one to be abided by.


Unsecured commitment

This site and its content are presented and provided according to the status. BearTwo(Elison) will not make any implicit or explicit statement or promise including but not limited to the promise of no malware program (such as virus, worm, or Trojan horse), or the promise of the marketability, applicability of this site and its content, this site will be exempted from any statement or warrant. BearTwo(Elison) will not make any statement or promise on the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information on this site, neither will this site make statement or promise that it is perfect or its mistakes can be corrected. Using this site means you agree to take risks all by yourself and be responsible for any loss including but not limited to data loss, service or maintenance cost required by any equipment or software. Meanwhile, BearTwo(Elison) is not responsible for any loss caused by using this site. However, mandatory laws in some judicial regions may not allow exclusion of promise, under which circumstance, the mandatory law shall be abided by.


Limitation and exemption of liability

In any case, BearTwo(Elison) is not responsible for any real, direct, indirect, special, exemplary, incidental, vigilant, or consequential damages caused by using or failing to use this site and its information, product, no matter the damage is based on contract, tort or other legal theories.


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