We all have two sides: the one let people see, and the one we don’t. 

Within glamour there is simplicity, and within strength there hides tenderness.

We can have as much energy as a rabbit and be as demure as a young maiden.

We can be mischievous and steadfast.

We are girls; we are women.

I believe our pure hearts can turn the ordinary to paradise.

I believe all girls search for style to project charisma and confidence.

We work hard and play hard. We refuse to treat life as a game.

We are more than what you see.

Bear Two embodies the two sides of women.

From simple, straight cuts, to soft flowing lines, its bold design shows the humble poise and inner strength within each woman.

Its soft texture and vivid colors reveals romance and tenderness with the innocence and freedom of young girls.

Today’s modern women are both tender and tough.

We build our own world of fashion through the arts, movies and architecture, which is simple but carefree.

As the “style master”, Bear Two promotes the concept of “dressing fashionably with ease.”

The endless combinations and crosses fashion boundaries and 

attitudes to create a style truly belongs to you.


for the two-sided women